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Do you really need to get a roof inspection after a hailstorm?

The answer is “Yes, you do!”, and here’s why.

People sometimes assume that hail damage to the roof of their home would be obvious and appear right away. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some damage, such as curling, punctures, and blisters, might not show up until several weeks or months after a hailstorm. The best way to know if your roof suffered unseen hail damage is to schedule a professional inspection as soon as possible after a hailstorm. If you fear you may have hail damage from a previous storm and you did not schedule an inspection, you may still have time. Hail damage can prevent your roof from providing maximum protection from snow, water, wind, and other weather elements as well as cause expensive problems like leaking, so getting it inspected is critical.

When the time comes to have a professional look at your roof, BE SMART! Never let “door knockers”, or anyone who shows up at your door without an appointment, have access to your property or your roof. Roofers who travel to areas hit by storms may show up at your door with incentives that sound great at the onset, but they may not have the skills and expertise to repair or replace your roof properly. And worse, you may find that they are unavailable or out-of-business when you have an issue. Your roof is never something you want to cut corners on. Always rely on referrals from someone you trust or ask your insurance agent for recommendations.

Your roof protects everything inside your home, including your family and all your belongings, so take that extra step to make sure your roof will go on protecting you and your home & family through every season.

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