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An Organized Garage is a Safe Garage

I love a clean and organized garage, but it’s hard to know where to begin. Check out these great ideas to get you started. When it’s all said and done a well-organized garage gives you that sense of accomplishment and, more importantly, keeps your family safer.


Slatwalls are one of the best inventions yet for the garage, or any form of organization needs.  They can be customized with almost any accessory, and for almost any type of need.  Check out these tips for choosing a slatwall.

What should you be considering when buying garage wall panels?

When choosing what type of garage wall panels to go with, consider how important these nine factors are to you:

  • quality
  • durability
  • storage space needed
  • aesthetics
  • load capacity required
  • ease of installation
  • variety of hanging accessories
  • convenience of use
  • price

Chemical Clutter

Chemical clutter People often store pesticides, pool products, automotive fluids, antifreeze, paint, and paint thinner haphazardly all over the garage—sometimes even in old food containers or soda bottles. Keep dangerous liquids in their original containers, sealed tightly, off the floor, locked in a central cabinet, and away from a pilot light. The exception is gasoline: If you must have it on hand, follow guidelines from the National Fire Protection Agency. Use an approved, tightly sealed red plastic or metal container labeled gasoline that holds no more than 5 gallons.  

Troublesome Toys

Designate a corner of the garage for bikes, sleds, sports equipment, and toys. Stash them on a low shelf or use hooks to hang them on the wall within easy reach of kids. Corral loose items like tennis, golf, or soccer balls in bins or mesh bags.

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